National Grid Presents Vermont Green Line Proposal

Article originally appears on, 01.26.16

BEEKMANTOWN — Torn up roads and loud construction sites possibly lie ahead for Beekmantown residents.

A few weeks ago, Joe Rossignoli of National Grid and Mike Relyea of Amanus, a consulting group that is working with Anabaric on an energy transfer project, presented their finalized proposal of the Vermont Green Line project to the town council.

The project aims to bring clean and affordable on-shore wind and hydropower to New England via a new 400 megawatt high power DC transmission line.

The $650 million proposed project will require 6.7 miles of underground cable in New York.

The line will carry DC wind power from new wind farms in the northern part of Clinton and Franklin counties 40 miles under Lake Champlain and 13.3 miles to a station in New Haven, Vermont, where power would then be distributed to southern New England communities.

“It’s an ongoing process,” Relyea said “But we plan on working with the county and community and answer any questions they may have.”

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