The Vermont Green Line is a 400 megawatt high voltage direct current (HVDC) electric transmission project proposed by the Vermont Green Line Devco, LLC and designed to unlock and deliver clean, reliable and affordable power to New England by harnessing new wind supply in New York, firmed up by hydropower.



Why is the project necessary?

New England is at an energy crossroads. Electricity customers pay among the highest electricity prices in the continental U.S. and demand for affordable clean electricity is exceeding supply. In addition, many existing power plants are retiring. Each state requires utilities to include renewable energy as an increasing percentage of electricity used, meaning that more renewable energy will be needed in the future. New England doesn’t have enough renewable energy capacity to meet the requirements and utilities must import renewables. The Vermont Green Line will allow this import, combining wind and hydro renewable energy. Additionally, New York has wind resources that have not been fully developed in part because of transmission constraints. The Vermont Green Line will enable new wind development in northern New York.

How will the Vermont Green Line project benefit electricity customers in New England?

There is currently not enough renewable energy in New England to meet the increasing need.  Development of wind projects in upstate New York is limited by the capacity of existing transmission lines.  The project will provide this needed west-to-east transmission that will allow the development of new wind projects for export to New England. In addition, the project will  enable access to hydroelectric power to “firm” the wind resources when the wind is not blowing.  The project is expected to reduce the cost to produce electricity in New England by about $900 million during its first 20 years of service. In addition, the Vermont Green Line will reduce the costs of procuring renewable energy in the region by about another billion dollars.

How can I stay updated on project progress?

Project updates will be provided regularly through the project website and Twitter (@GreenLineIA), as well as periodic newspaper advertisements, direct mail communications, community information sessions and other public outreach efforts.